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TAHTO wines

Tahto Wines are made by Wayne Bauer from grapes grown in inland Mendocino County. The historic and picturesque Tahto Bridge featured on the label was built in 1928. It crosses the East Fork of the Russian River in Potter Valley and borders Wayne and Anne’s home property. Our wines are handmade in very small lots, with great attention to detail, creating wines of intense flavors which are true to the varietals and the region.

Potter Valley is a truly beautiful and unique place. During the growing season, the hot days and cool nights combine to create fruit of exceptional flavors, especially in white wine grapes. A unique system of canals provide irrigation from water that flows from the Eel River. This Potter Valley Project was built in 1906, and the Irrigation District for Potter Valley was created in 1928, the same year the Tahto Bridge was built. This rich water resource is used for grapes, hay, and orchards, keeping Potter Valley green throughout the dry northern California summers. Driving into Potter Valley in the summer one feels transported to another greener place and earlier time.

No one seems to know why the beautiful bridge was named Tahto. The word Tahto in Pomo means “first”. The word Tahto in Finnish means to have will, volition, and pleasure. Both meanings may be applied to Tahto Wines and their unique and wonderful flavors.

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